Who Will Make It Out Of Infinity War?


With the final Infinity War trailer released the theories for who will survive and who will fall have been flying all around us. Here is my ranking of who will make it out alive and who will find themselves at the hands of Thanos.  Enjoy and be sure to leave your comments below!

Safe and Sound!

23. Black Panther
Yea okay, no way in Hell this is happening. See you at Black Panther 2


22. Shuri
I will riot if Thanos goes anywhere near the tech genius princess.

21. Spider-Man
Peter Parker has yet to become an official Avenger, oh and there’s always the already announced Spider-Man Homecoming Sequel

20. The Guardians of the Galaxy
Yes, I can play the “there is already an announced sequel” card all day let us really investigate this one. While it would not be the craziest idea to have at least one Guardian fall to Thano’s grip, it just does not seem like now is there time especially since Vol. 2 had great character development. Their journey may not go on forever, but it certainly does not end here.


19. Valkyrie
Thor Ragnorak was a game changer for reasons I will get into later. The best character to come out of it was Tessa Thompson’s recently redeemed warrior. My guess is she will not have a huge role in Infinity War, but she will help save the surviving Asgardians after Thanos destroys the ship we saw them on in the mid credit scene in Ragnorak.


18. Bucky/White Wolf
The once Winter Soldier is now called White Wolf as seen in the post credit scene in Black Panther. I am betting White Wolf has great things coming for him some that may include taking up the mantle of a former best friend (more on that later). White Wolf has found peace in Wakanda and while that peace may not last long he will for sure find himself at the front of the line for many years to come.


17. Sam Wilson/Falcon
Falcon has always been the best sidekick for Captain America who has not always had a lot of time to shine on his own. I feel Infinity War will be the same having Falcon be a loyal and strong fighter, but not anyone who stands out on his own. This will probably have to wait until Avengers 4 where I believe Falcon may just find himself finding his own ground.


16. Ant-Man
We have recently learned that the upcoming sequel Ant-Man and The Wasp will take place between Civil War and Infinity War. This does leave Ant-Man vulnerable to perish, but chances are his screen time will be very limited until Avengers 4 after all director Joe Russo said the following about having to slight some characters in Infinity War, “We knew that because we had two films, Avengers 3 and 4, that in one movie we could push people to the forefront but then we could pull back in the second film and push other characters to the forefront who had less screen time in the first movie,”


15. Thor
I cannot stress enough how important Thor Ragnorak was for the character of Thor. New haircut, a destroyed hammer and kingdom, and finally a lost eye. Ragnorak was basically a reboot without having to recast. Thor will take a beating for sure in Infinity, but he will not perish. The most recent trailer leads us to believe that Thanos has the God of Thunder done for, but this is typical trailer misdirection. Thor has a lot to do and might even find himself the last standing of the original Avengers.

Probably Safe But I Would Be Cautious 

14. Scarlet Witch
Marvel is not going to kill off everyone but here are a few that could surprise us. Lets start off with the remaining Maximoff twin. Every time I think she will finally have her moment she is quickly removed from the center of attention. There are two ways to look at this. Wanda will once again be pushed aside to rise in Avengers 4 and finally steal the spotlight or she will fall saving her love Vision and never get to truly show us how much of a leader she could have been.

13. Nebula
Vol. 2 had great character development for Nebula and her relationship with her sister Gamora. It would be a shame to have this relationship rebuilt only to dispose of Nebula. I would like to think James Gunn has more in store for her in future Guardian’s films. However, she does only have one goal in her mind; to kill her father Thanos. The chances of her doing this alone is very unlikely. So, it could be very sad to see her be killed by her own dad, but it would give her a chance to sacrifice herself for Gamora and give her a hero’s ending.


12. Black Widow
Black Widow has become less interesting with each film the love affair with Bruce Banner certainly did not help. While a Black Widow solo movie is in the works it would make sense to have this be a prequel of some sorts showing a young version of Black Widow grow into the spy and assassin we knew her as. I hope Infinity War gives her something more exciting to do because right now I couldn’t even begin to tell you what her role will be in future films.


11. Hawkeye
Okay for all we know Hawkeye might not even be in Infinity War. He has yet to be seen on any poster or trailer. The directors have said they have sent Hawkeye on “his own journey” during the movie. So, my guess is he will not even be featured in the film unless it is to die trying to find the Soul Stone. His biggest chance of living is that he is a father and killing young dads does not seem to be something Marvel has in store.


10. Doctor Strange
Wouldn’t it be crazy to introduce us to a brand new character only to kill him off right away? Here me out…so there is no Doctor Strange sequel in the works and while it would make sense for them to be holding this announcement to build tension for his life I could also see the great mystical Doctor falling, but being brought back in some way for Avengers 4. The Soul Stone has great importance and I believe we will have one fake out death for someone major only to show the power of the Soul Stone and we have yet to fully understand the potential of Doctor Strange’s mystical powers so maybe resurrection could be one, but only for himself. So be on the look out for his fall and later his return.

9. Hulk
This is going to sound harsh, but I find Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner/Hulk so incredibly boring. We will never get a standalone Hulk film and I can’t imagine Ruffalo wanting to continue this for years and years. A Hulk death would bring great emotion to the viewers and show that muscle is not nearly enough to defeat Thanos and his Black Order. The story of the Hulk seems to be winding down, so a death is either in store or maybe we will finally see Hulk walk off into the sunset.

8. Iron Man
Tony Stark is going to have to retire eventually right? There is no way Robert Downey Jr’s contract goes past Avengers 4 unless it is being a side mentor for Peter Parker or a bottomless bank for the Avengers. If it is not in Infinity War it will be in Avengers 4, but then again maybe a self-sacrifice is what Tony Stark finally needs to redeem his narcistic self. Tony still lives with the guilt of making Ultron and dividing the Avengers all while pushing his best frenemy Steve Rogers away. Tony Stark started this adventure for us ten years ago it would only make sense he is the one to end this chapter for us.


7. Vision
Avid fans knew that the second the Mind Stone was used to create Vision it also meant his time would be cut short. While it seems the philosophical being has reached his end this could also be the biggest misleading thing of every trailer. A Vision death would almost be too obvious and honestly a big scape goat. Big people must die in Infinity War and Vision dying would just be too easy. Marvel has been taking slightly bigger risks lately, but a Vision would not be one of them. So, we either have the expected Vision death at the hands of Thanos for his Mind Stone, or Shuri somehow finds a way to keep Vision alive without the Mind Stone. Based on previous experiences with Marvel trailers showing way too much I’d start saying goodbye to Vision now.

Nice Knowing You…See You Never

6. Nick Fury
Okay now we have entered the no way in Hell they are surviving section. To start off is the man who glued them all together. Nick Fury was our way of knowing back in 2008 that there would be a universe created. It would only seem appropriate that Fury would meet his doom 10 years later after creating The Avengers. He is a man without a home, his Avengers are scattered, his former organization SHIELD is destroyed, and the last time we saw Fury he did what he did best; showed up unexpected to help his ragtag team. So maybe when all seems lost Fury will once again pop out of nowhere, but this time we will not be riding a helicarrier to safety.

5. Heimdall
Even though he got more time to be a total Moses like badass in Thor Ragnorak I feel that the former Asgardian gate keeper’s time is up for good. When Thanos attacks Thor’s ship someone will have to fall while the other Asgardians escape. So here is what we will have. Heimdall telling Valkyrie to lead the Asgardians to safety while he stays and fights the Black Order. And as heroic and noble as he was in the beginning Heimdall has a honorable death fighting for the people he loves. The saddest part is that we will have to say goodbye to the awesome Idris Elba who could have easily led his own film.

4. The Collector
Does anyone even care about Taneleer Tivan? While he is important for finally telling us the back story of those pesky Infinity Stones, The Collector is only good for one thing, selling out to the highest bidder. He will meet the worst offer ever when he bumps into Thanos who has come for the Reality Stone which The Collector has been holding since the end of Thor The Dark World. Chances are The Collector will try to make one final deal and sell out the location of other Infinity Stones before Thanos kills him for his weak will. I mean at the end of the day I am sure Benicio Del Toro will show up in another Disney owned franchise.

3. War Machine
Oh Poor Rhodey! Shot down in Civil War it seems James Rhodes as finally recovered and is ready to fight in Infinity War if only wasn’t up. While it does seem extremely unfair to have him recover from such a hit only to kill him off someone close to Tony Stark needs to fall. So, War Machine will die and probably during a time where Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are still at odds. War Machine will die slowly while telling Tony to end his beef with Steve allowing Tony to give his dying friend his word that he will make up with Steve before it is too late for them all.

2. Captain America
I am sorry, but we all see this coming right? There was no reason to have Steve Rogers make it past Civil War unless it is to give him the most epic and heroic death in Infinity War. Let us look back at some evidence. First the comics, while the movies do not always stay true to them it is a huge arc having Rogers die and his friends Bucky and Sam Wilson donning the shield. It is more likely that Bucky will have to step up and become the new Captain America once his best friend falls. Now if we remember Captain America The First Avenger there is a pivotal moment where Rogers shows his true bravery by jumping on a grenade during boot camp only to find out it’s a dud. Rogers has always been the heart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and if this is the first book of things to come than the death of Rogers will be a reminder of the great sacrifices heroes must be willing to make to protect the world.


1. Loki
How has the God of Mischief been able to make it this far? Yes, he has been able to trick everyone into thinking he has died, but this time the joke has got to be up. As seen in the trailer we can assume Loki will once again betray everyone by giving up the Space Stone which he stole at the end of Ragnorak. I feel that the way to look at it is instead Loki gives Thanos the stone to save Thor’s life. Thor will see how much his brother truly does care for him, but it will be too late. To prove that he lets nobody betray him Thanos will kill Loki in front of his brother all before throwing Thor out into space leaving him to die where Thor will meet The Guardians a broken man grieving his brother. It will be avenging his brother’s death that will set Thor on his journey to destroy Thanos and finally allow Loki to be honored in the way he always wanted to. Loki has always found a way to mislead and trick people, but he will unfortunately find out Thanos plays no games. Goodbye Loki and thanks for all the tricks.

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  1. ArtsandHobbies2006 says:

    Just so you know, in the movie, Ant-Man and Hawkeye aren’t in there… If you want to see who died and lived, look at my post (Spoiler Alert!(: ) :


    1. No Assembly Required says:

      My article was published before the film came out so it was speculation

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      1. ArtsandHobbies2006 says:

        Ooh… Okay… Sorry I didn’t know that. I just wanted to let you know… 🙂

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