The 7 Best “Stoner” Movies


Well 4/20 is upon us once again, and for those of you partaking in the festivities you might need some easy going entertainment. It doesn’t take much to be classified as a “stoner” movie, heck even documentaries about how Velcro is made can be considered one if you have enough of the right stuff. But what makes a movie a bona fide stoner hit? Well, it’s pretty simple, first it must allow you to keep a nice grin on your face during its entire run and secondly cause you to let out the classic stoner phrase “woaahhhh.” So, if you are feeling extra mellow today and in need of a wavy flick here are 7 of my favorite “stoner” films straight out of my personal stash.

7. Robin Hood (1973)
Every stoner can tell you that revisiting a childhood classic is the perfect way to get that afternoon high. Almost any Disney film could fill this need, but my personal favorite film for this is Robin Hood. One of the brightest Disney classics, this film is a tree hugger’s delight. Talking animals scurrying through the forest while singing soothing songs? It just doesn’t get any better than that. Its runtime is short and sweet for all you people with lacking attention span’s and if that doesn’t do it for you then “The Whistle Song” sure will.


6. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)
Listen we’ve all been there, the endless munchies and the long journey to satisfy them. So, it shouldn’t come to a surprise that a movie about two lazy stoners trying to get some sliders would become such a hit. This movie will have you laughing out loud the entire time but beware it also will make you crave those small little burgers. Also, who doesn’t love smoking along with Neil Patrick Harris as he plays a douchebag version of himself.


5. Don’t Be a Menace to the South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996)
Parody movies are never my favorite genre, but I must make an exception for this insane comedy by the Wayans’s brothers. Mocking almost every “coming of age in the hood” movie you can think of the Wayans’s brothers proved why they were comedy kings back in the 90’s. This movie has stupidity on lockdown, a lead character named Ashtray who has a son older than him, and a food sex scene that involves everything from mustard to boiled eggs. Sure it’s beyond dumb, but were you really looking for an avant-garde film today?

4. Cabin in the Woods (2012)
If you are the type to get paranoid and philosophical when high than this is the movie for you. A horror movie that blends dark humor amongst some truly terrifying images. This movie is full of mind blowing twists and moments that will have you questioning life choices. If that sounds too heavy for you then stick around for the well fleshed out stoner character. Fran Kranz plays the stoner with all of life’s answers (and the ultimate bong) and isn’t that what you want from a movie, proof that the answers are in the green.


3. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)
Gandalf smokes the longest pipe ever. Honestly that’s all you need to enjoy this epic movie. Unless you have been living under a rock you know the story of Lord of the Rings, but what you might not know is how it is the perfect film for all of you going on a high time adventure. Outstanding visuals, a story line you can doze in and out of, and of course those pesky Hobbit’s who love their herbs. If you are planning to keep your high all day, then you need to take a trip to Middle Earth.

2. Inherent Vice (2014)
Inherent Vice does the impossible of making the movie feel totally spaced out and on a high of its own. Mysterious plot points that drift into nothingness, scenes that fade into one another and a plot so confusing you give up halfway trying to figure it out and instead go along for the cool breeze ride. Joaquin Phoenix plays the poster child of 4/20 as a detective slowly moving his way across the chill beaches of California during the height of paranoia. Director Paul Thomas Anderson adapts Thomas Pynchon’s head scratching novel into a comedy delight as well as a cinematic pleasure for all you auteur stoners. This movie my friends is the new classic for stoned times.

1. Dazed and Confused (1993)
Topping the list is the ultimate care free movie. Richard Linklater’s ode to first days of summer and worry free teenage life is the perfect stoner film and will have you smiling long after it’s over. The film follows several different groups of high schoolers as they search for beer, bud and the perfect party all set against a collection of classic 70’s albums. What makes this the ideal stoner flick are the characters from Matthew McConaughey’s good vibes only Wooderson to Jason London as Randall “Pink” Floyd who spends the duration of the film ignoring all responsibilities and questioning its value. Dazed and Confused quickly becomes the life of the party and will have you wanting to smoke up and join in the fun.

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